Right now

  • Celebrate. Yell a hearty Woo-Hoo! Bust out a happy dance. Give a mighty fist-pump. Shout out to your friends on Snap, Insta and the Facebook. Do this immediately. You’ve earned it.

Now that you’re admitted (we’ve said Yes to you)

  • Secure your spot in the incoming class by completing the My UMF Decision Reply Form and paying your deposit.
  • Go ahead and activate your MaineStreet account and get yourself a brand new “maine.edu” email address by going to?.? Need help? or .
  • ?(Free Application for Financial Aid). Farmington’s FAFSA code is?002040.
  • Check your UMF email and visit our??portal (it’s password-protected) for financial aid updates:?
  • Check out our? to see what happening at UMF
  • Join the UMF Facebook Group for the Class of 2024.? Coming soon? Meet other students who, like you, have been accepted to UMF.

Once you’re confirmed (you’ve said Yes to us)

  • Sign in to , which will be your “home base” for UMF! (Use the same username and password as MaineStreet.) Click on the New Student tab and navigate to the Pre-Arrival Checklist. Everything you need will be accessible from myCampus.
  • Complete the online Housing Application?on?.
  • Register for classes by filling out the Course Planning Form. We will let you know when the Course Planning Form is live on myCampus and ready to go.
  • Submit your?Financial Responsibility Statement?on?.
  • Complete the if required. We will contact you after you return your enrollment deposit if you are required to take the WritePlacer placement test.
  • Review and accept your Financial Aid package on .
  • If you’re taking any AP exams, request that the results be sent to UMF. We award UMF college credits for a score of 3, 4 or 5.
  • If you’ve taken any college level classes, request that the transcripts be sent to us from the college giving you the credits.
  • , if you plan to request accommodations.
  • Make sure your high school has sent us your final transcript showing your date of graduation.
  • Sign up for Summer Experience, an optional one week academic and social on-campus experience.
  • Contact your family physician to obtain health and vaccination records and send them to us.
  • Watch for your housing and roommate assignments in .
  • Communicate with your roommate to coordinate what to bring for your residence hall room.
  • Expect to receive your first semester bill.
  • Order your .
  • Start getting even MORE psyched, if that’s even possible. It’s almost time!
  • Make arrangements with the UMF Merrill Center for payment of your first semester
  • Get packing! Make your travel plans and get ready for the best years of your life.
  • Fall Orientation? Move-in Day is Friday, August 28.
  • Classes Start? Monday, August 31
  • Woo-Hoo!?You’re on your way!

Contact Us

Office of Admissions
University of Maine at Farmington
246 Main Street
Farmington, Maine USA 04938-1994
tel? 207-778-7050
fax? 207-778-8182
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