ENG 100: Argue for Your Life: Writing Techniques to Change your Career, Build your Character, and Change your World
This writing seminar will be geared toward the adult-learner who is returning to school to change careers or achieve a lifelong dream. Our online course will have some self-paced components and will be highly customizable to student interests and goals. All students will learn the basics of argument construction and how to use tried and true rhetorical techniques to write a fantastic cover-letter, articulate reasons and motivation for pursuing their goals, and participate actively in the community at large through crafting thoughtfully supportive persuasive position papers. (Online only)

Prerequisites: None

LIA 177: Prepare for Educational Restart or Back to School: Picking Up Where You Left Off
Students participate in a discussion-based forum to address specific issues adult learners often face during the transitional return to college. Course discussions and assignments are designed to coach students through the process of adjusting to academic life and all the complexities it entails. Through this class, students expand strategies for managing the workload and build approaches for maximizing the opportunities available. This class affords the opportunity to network with other re-entry learners to build community and belonging. (Online only)

注册就送38可微信提现Prerequisites: None

SED 308 Individualized Positive Behavior Supports
注册就送38可微信提现 This course provides education majors with a range of knowledge and skills needed to support students with challenging behavior in educational settings. Course topics include collection and use of data to develop positive behavior supports for students. A major focus is on the use of functional behavior assessment to develop individualized behavior support plans. Crisis prevention and management as well as ethical principles of supporting students with challenging behavior are also discussed. (Hybrid: One late afternoon class + online)

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